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Milemarkers offers Supervised Visitations, Family Connections Consultants, and Nurturing Parent Program Practitioner services upon request from the Department of Child Safety.  We coach families to build positive family relationships. We provide role-modeling, support, and education in developing parenting skills, communication skills, and stress management. We are dedicated to supporting each family in their time of need.

Milemarkers arranges transports and supervises visitations between the children placed in foster care, their parents, siblings and/or significant others to promote a continued relationship. We also provide education to parents on how to access emergency assistance, supports, and community resources and assist families with goal setting, planning, and other activities related to home management tasks.

Family Connections (FC): The goal of this program is to prevent child abuse and neglect and promoting the safety of children.  Focusing on strengthening parents’ ability to keep their children safe, healthy, and well cared for.  The ultimate goal is to reduce the likelihood of entry into out-of-home care for children receiving in-home services, reduction in the likelihood of subsequent abuse and neglect reports, and reduction in length of out of homestay for children allowing for safe reunification with a parent.

Substance Exposed Newborn Safe Environment (SENSE):  Services for families referred after the birth of a substance-exposed newborn.  A collaborative team approach to working with families side-by-side to accomplish identified behavioral changes.  Utilizing a SENSE Registered Nurse to assess and evaluate the overall development and health of the infant.

Nurturing Parenting Program(NPP):  Nurturing and non-nurturing attitudes and behaviors are not instinctual but are learned.  Building on this NPP provides a curriculum-based parenting skills education and coaching program.  This program is family-centered and trauma-informed.  The main focus is to improve parenting in relation to expectations of children, parental empathy towards children’s needs, non-violent discipline, parent-child family roles,  and children’s power and independence.

If you have a child in the foster program and are requiring visitations or education please contact the Department of Child Safety to make arrangements for your visitations. We also offer cash pay rates for families seeking supervision.

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