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Self-Care for Parents

Holidays can be stressful for everyone; while we are thinking of and caring for others, we need to take care of ourselves and fill our bucket so that we can share from ours!

You are important so… have permission to put yourself first sometimes!!

Think about when you are on an airplane, the flight attendants tell us every time, if the oxygen masks drop, PUT YOUR MASK ON FIRST, so you can then help those who are unable to complete the task independently. “Take care of yourself first, so you can take care of those who need you and are unable to care for themselves.”

Self-care is important but does not have to be the big or expensive things-while these are really nice, it is important to keep our bucket full every day and make “Magic Moments” for ourselves.

Some Ideas to fill your bucket!

-Schedule music into day-maybe favorite song to get us going or relaxation music scheduled at strategic points (or alternative-revving up music to energize) as per Helena, Music Therapist.

-Make your favorite dinner.

-Treat yourself to your favorite coffee or tea drink when you can sit and enjoy it.

-Self massage-shoulders, neck-warmers soothe muscles and help them relax.

-Perform a random act of kindness-keeps you feeling special all day.

-Take a bath instead of a shower.

-Take a deep breath.

-Ask for a hug if you need it-you deserve it!

-Look at Facebook posts or Youtube Videos of animals doing silly things-nothing like a good laugh!

Remember, you matter too, and it is OK, to put yourself first!


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