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Meet our LHC Physical Therapy Team

When you come to Milemarker's in Lake Havasu for Physical Therapy, you and your children will be met with experience, excitement, and expertise. Our physical therapy team makes pediatric treatment FUN!

Rhonda Schnabl, DPT

Rhonda received her Masters of Physical Therapy in 1998 from the Medical College of Georgia and later went back and received her doctorate in 2012 from AT Still University in Mesa, AZ. She also holds a masters in Education from University of Georgia in 1991 and a Bachelors of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Rhonda is originally from Waukesha, WI. She came to Arizona as a traveling physical therapist where she worked at Valley View Medical Center, Western Arizona Regional Medical Center, and HRMC home health. She developed the Physical Therapist Assistant program at MCC between the years of 2008-2011 and currently works with 2 graduates from that program. Rhonda chose physical therapy as a career in order to have more opportunities in healthcare such as traveling and working in different settings. She has worked in acute care hospitals, critical care in ICUs, nursing homes, home health, education, and now pediatrics. Pediatrics is her all-time favorite! Rhonda states, "Milemarkers is a great place to work! It is owned by therapists and they really know what therapists value in a work environment. I have worked across the country in many settings, with many populations, and this work environment is where I have found the most support, collaboration and F-U-N!".

Haley O'Leary, PTA

"I grew up in Butte, Montana. I moved out to Lake Havasu City after high school where I attended ASU Lake Havasu’s Psychology Program. While I was in my last year at ASU, I got the opportunity to start working on observation hours at Milemarker's. I was interested in both OT and PT, but soon found myself applying to the PTA program at MCC. It was by chance that I ended up back and Milemarker's working as a therapist, since it was where PT first caught my eye. I chose to pursue Physical Therapy because I love helping people to achieve their highest potential and showing people that they are capable of more than they may believe. It is amazing seeing people reach a goal that they didn’t think was possible, you don’t often see that kind of happiness of sense of achievement many other places. I love Milemarker's because of the kids. Kids are so optimistic and adaptable to anything that comes at them in life. I love that working with kids lets me bring out a silly and creative side of myself as well."

Rebecca Baldwin, PTA

"Hi, my name is Rebecca Baldwin. I was born and raised in Lake Havasu City. I attended the PTA program at MCC and graduated with the class of 2021. I joined physical therapy because I've always had a passion for exercise and fitness as well as learning how the human body works. I love working at Milemarker's because it gives me the opportunity to work with the most amazing kids and staff. I love that our job is to make physical therapy exciting and playful for our littles. Our workdays are filled with happy, laughing children having fun."

If you are interested in getting your child into physical therapy at Milemarker's, we encourage you to speak with your pediatrician and get a referral. Contact us with any questions you may have, call (928) 854-5439.


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